US Cellular-Alliance Park to Undergo Major Repairs

Tennessee Sports Complex will renovate and maintain complexes

Due to a harsh winter and subfreezing temperatures in the early spring, both the US Cellular Soccer Complex and Alliance Park have been hit hard and are in poor shape.  With a committment to playing events and games, the result was Bermuda grass which never sprouted.  The club has responded by signing a long-term contract with Tennessee Sports Complex to renovate and maintain the fields all year.  The fields are expected to be in great shape by the fall season.
Tennessee Sports Complex has built and maintains some of the best soccer fields in the area.  FC Alliance feels confident that with the big investment made into this endeavor, the club will have excellent facilities for training, games and tournaments.  The target date for completion is August, as Tennessee Sports Complex has already started the renovation process.  
Other facilities will also see upgrades.  The Boys and Girls Club, Academy Park and Carl Cowan Park are slated for improvements over the summer.