U12 Girls Black Win U13 Division

Outscore older foes by a combined 17-2 score

Coach Shane Moore felt confident his 00 Girls Black could have some success playing up at the annual East Ridge Spring Fling.  What he didn’t necessarily expect was the type of success they would have.  In four games at the Chattanooga area event, his team ripped through the competition, scoring a combined seventeen goals while giving up only two.  The championship game was the final coup of the older age group, as Moore’s team stormed to a 4-0 halftime lead over the host East Ridge Express team, and then cruised to a 5-1 win.

The tournament win was much needed for the 00 Girls Black.  Three weeks earlier, they made the finals of the prestigious Open Cup in Decatur, Alabama, before losing a heartbreaker in the final.  This time, the team made sure there would be no last second surprises.  Gwen Breslin scored three goals and Abbie Vibbert added two, as the route was on early.

On their way to the finals, the 00 Black knocked off Harpeth FC (4-0), Signal Mountain (6-0) and CUFC Red (2-1).