The FC Alliance Math is Easy

The FC Alliance Math is Easy

FC Alliance has quickly risen to become one of the top clubs in the southeastern United States.  Teams at all levels of play have enjoyed success unmatched in East Tennessee.  At the end of the day, two things matter: how good the players become as individuals and how good the teams become as a whole.  The best coaches can develop high-level players and high-level teams at the same time.  FC Alliance has a world class curriculum which has been put together by the club’s most proven coaches.  This curriculum has led to countless championships and a high volume of players moving on to play at the next level.  Advancing players come from all areas of the club: Black, Red, and Gold.  At FC Alliance, the soccer education of every player matters equally.

Consider the FC Alliance numbers:

4= 2012-2013 High School All-Americans 

4= number of players signing with the Lady Vols

8= 2012-2013 High School All-South Players 

8= number of players signing with the SEC

14= number of players playing for ETSU and MTSU

114= number of players signing college scholarships since 2010

The FC Alliance Math:

44 College Commitments in 2013 = Player Development

37 College Signings in 2012 = Sustained Player Development

Championships at every level = Player Development + Success

Red & Gold Players playing college soccer = Everyone Matters