Samba Magic Girls Academy Winter Details Available

Elite soccer without extensive cost for girls ages five to nine

As the time approaches for parents to decide what to do with their youngest players, FC Alliance proudly announces the new Samba Magic Girls Academy.  Designed specifically for girls ages 5 to 9, this new academy focuses on more than just learning soccer.  It is about having fun playing the world's beautiful game.  A Samba Magic player will stand out from the crowd.  She will be dynamic and brave.  Exceptionally skilled and daringly creative.  The Samba Magic player will embody competing with a true passion for the game.  This new program is open for all levels of ability and confidence, and is set at an exceptionally reasonable price for the season ($149 for U6-U7 and $224 for U8-U9).

The formula for Samba Magic Academy is the same one which has produced many of the area's top collegiate and professional players.  Despite the elite player development, there is still one major foundation which everything is centered around: have fun.  Players who love the game when they are young are the ones who truly have the opportunity to succeed long-term.  Samba Magic coaches will incorporate games and smiles into all aspects of training, while maintaining a healthy competitive environment.  

Winter Program Details:

(1) One practice per week 

(2) Games on Saturdays

(3) November 22-February 21 at The Field House at Amherst (1750 Amherst Road)

(4) U6 Team= $75 for the entire winter.  U7-U9 Teams= $85 for the entire winter

(5) Winter tee shirt included!

Fall/Spring Program Details:

(1) Two practices per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

(2) Games on weekends (Mostly Saturdays)

(3) Optional Mondays: 3v3 pick-up, "athleticism" training, free play, and other activities

(4) One Samba Magic jersey and one Samba Magic practice shirt.

(5) Fall: August 19-November 15.  Spring: March 9-May 23.

(6) Four age groups- U6: $149 - U7: $149 - U8: $224 - U9: $224


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Contact Information:

Contact Filip Leander: or (865) 659-6071.