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Registration at FC Alliance is handled through a single On-Line Registration system.  If you are new to FC Alliance, you will need to create an account for y0ur family and then add your players as members of your family.  Once complete, you will be ready to start adding programs to your shopping cart! 

Should you have any questions during the process, please contact Darcy Fox at helpdesk@fcallianceknox.org or give her a call at 865-643-6074. 

To use the on-line system, click the green button below.    

 Use On-Line System

Please review the following registration guidelines:  

  1. Registering for the Recreational Soccer, Academy and "Academy Select" Soccer Programs is a simple 1 step process.  Once you have created your FC Alliance account (Discussed above) simply go online and select your particular program from either the "Recreation" or "Academy" section of programs. 
  2. Registering for an FC Alliance "Competitive Program" (i.e. "Black, Red, & Gold teams) is a "2-Step Process": Step #1 involves registering your player for "Tryouts" which let’s us know that the player would like to be placed on a "Competitive" team.  After doing this, you will be contacted about where to come for a player evaluation and from that be placed into the appropriate program (Black, Red or Gold). At that point you will need to return to the on-line registration system and complete Step #2 which involves selecting your Black, Red or Gold competitive program and adding it to your shopping cart.  Our Club Fee Schedule lists the cost to participate in the various competitive programs .  Club Fees cover player training, field maintenance and rentals, coaches pay and training and other operating and administrative costs. Club Fees do not include the cost of uniforms, gear, tournament fees and expenses, coaches per diem, or league and referee fees.  These fees will be handled by each team individually in what as known as a "team fee" that will vary by the amount of activity a team chooses to engage in (i.e. more games = a higher team fee). 
  3. For most programs, FC Alliance requires payment at the time of registration thorugh a credit or debit card.  In the case of our higher cost "Competitive Programs", we do offer various payment credit / debit card plans so that the Club Fees can be spread accross time.  In addition, once a member selects a payment plan and has the first payment successfully charged to their credit card or debit card account, they are welcome to make future payments by check.  As long as the checks arrive 5 days prior to the next schedled payment draft date and exceed the amount of the next draft, the draft will not occur.  Checks should be made payable to:  "FC Allliance Soccer Club" and mail payments to PO BOX 22603, Knoxville, TN 3793
  4. Need some help paying for your soccer programs?  Please check out our Script, Grocery Card and Financial Aid programs. 
  5. Players will not be allowed to parpticipate in practices, games, leagues, camps or other programs and player cards will be pulled if a players account is not in good standing and/or delinquent.