Overview of FC Alliance Programs

FC Alliance welcomes players of all ability levels and offers a variety of programs throughout the year to meet the needs of beginners to premier level players. The club offers three tracks for player development –a volunteer managed Recreational Program, an instructional Academy Program and a Competitive/Travel Program; with the Academy and Competitive programs being led by certified professional soccer coaches/trainers.

Our soccer year begins on August 1 and last until May 31st the following year. The year consists two seasons, the Fall Season which runs from Aug 1 to Nov 30 and the Spring Season which runs from Feb 1 to May 31st.

  • Fall Season (Aug 1 to Nov 30)
  • Spring Season (Feb 1 to May 31)

We also offer a variety traditional and specialty training programs for those players looking to advance their skill set and stay active throughout the year. Examples of our traditional and specialty programs include: Summer Camps, Summer League, Total Play, Winter Futsal League, Championship Performance Series (CPS) Training, Goalkeeper and Skills Training.

From a player looking for a recreational program, to the serious player looking for competitive play - FC Alliance has a place for you!

FC Alliance Recreational Program (U4-U12)

The FC Alliance Recreational Program is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life-long love of the game.

FC Alliance Academy Program (U4-U19)

The FC Alliance Academy Program is an instructional soccer program designed for U4 to U19 players that are looking for more structure and training than the recreational program provides, without the additional training requirements, cost and travel commitments of a competitive team.

Unlike our recreational soccer program, FC Alliance Academy provides licensed coaches that use a combination of the Coerver® training method which focuses on improving individual skills and control, and the principles outlined by the US Soccer curriculum.   FC Alliance uses a curriculum designed by coaching directiors and the most experienced coaches in the club.  The curriculum is fluid and always a discussion point as the club progresses and advances.

FC Alliance Academy Select (U9-U19) – Local Competitive

The FC Alliance Academy Select Program is a local competitive soccer program designed for standout players participating in the Academy Program that have demonstrated a higher level of athleticism and skill. Teams are formed on an invitation only basis. This means that players are either invited or “selected” to play on a team by the Director, or win a spot on the team during the annual team placement and evaluation sessions. The purpose of the Select Program is to further challenge those Academy players by providing opportunities to participate in local competitive matches involving teams outside of FC Alliance, while limiting travel within the greater Knoxville area. 

FC Alliance Travel Program (U9-U19)

When players reach the U9 age group (see Age Matrix), they now have the option to tryout out to participate in our Travel Program. The FC Alliance Travel Program provides a positive environment for players that demonstrate the necessary talent, commitment and good sportsmanship to continue to develop and compete at the state, regional and national level.

Travel teams are formed in the spring of each year through team tryouts known as our “Evaluation and Team Placement Sessions.” Players are accepted to their team for a one year (12-month) commitment to a travel team beginning July 1 to June 30th the following year (with the exception of High School players).

The yearly plan for each team will be determined in July by the head coach of the team and the Directors of Coaching and Technical Directors. Participants are to be made aware that extra costs can be substantial and are ultimately the player or player’s parents’ responsibility. This includes all training costs, registrations, team fees, referee fees, field fees, tournaments, etc.

Our travel program requires additional practice and conditioning, as well as travel to local, regional or out-of-state tournaments, for players and their families. Teams compete at various levels depending upon the competitive needs of the players involved.

Players are expected to participate in all training and seasons during the travel year. This includes summer camp, pre-season fall trainings, the fall season, the winter season, the spring season and the summer season.

  • Membership Year July 1 – June 30th
    Fall Training Season Aug 1 – Nov 30
    Spring Training Season Feb 1 – May 31
  • High School Players (Girls) Nov 1 – May 31
  • High School Players (Boys) Aug 1 – Jan 31

FC Alliance Directors, Coaches and Coaches Board will assign players to a level and then to a team based on age, ability and skill level after the evaluation and team placement sessions. A review of the prior season’s performance, player skill, attitude, performance and potential will also be considered. Selection to a team one year does not guarantee selection in subsequent years and players are expected to continue to develop and earn that distinction each year.

Players not selected for a specific competitive travel team will be considered for placement in either the Academy Select Program or the Academy Program. The Academy Select Program offers a competitive program for higher level players who would like to continue to work on their skills, or for those who cannot or do not wish to commit to the year-round demands of travel soccer.