Jonathan Thompson Named Coach of the Year

FC Alliance coach dubbed top Tennessee girls coach

Jonathan Thompson Named Coach of the Year

The Tennessee State Soccer Association has named FC Alliance coach Jonathan Thompson the state’s Girls Coach of the Year.  Thompson, who is in his fourth year with the club, will receive the award in January at the state’s AGM.  A former college player at Tennessee Wesleyan, Thompson recently led the 97 Girls Black to the Division 1 state championship.  One month later, the team earned Region 3 finalist honors.  With Thompson at the helm, the 97 Girls Black became the first team ever from East Tennessee to reach the region championship game.

"We are extremely proud of Coach Thompson," said Director of Coaching Josh Gray.  "He knows how to build a champion and he does it with character.  As great of a coach as he is, he is also an excellent role model for his players."

Thompson hasn’t just been limited to success with the 97 Girls black.  He has also excelled with the 98 and 99 Boys Red teams.  The teams were both declared state league champions after a combined record of 9-1-2 in the competition.  At the time, the club publicized Thompson’s success as the coach of both.

"Jonathan Thompson continues to impress us all," added Director Darrick Lubell.  "He works hard with his teams and he gets the most out of his players.  The success he had with the 97 Girls Black didn’t surprise anyone."

When notified of the award, Thompson was more concerned about missing a day of games with his teams than actually receiving it.  The award ceremony is the same day as the FC Alliance Showcase tournament.

"That’s the kind of guy he is," said Gray.  "His focus is 100% on his teams and players.  We may have to forcibly drive him to Nashville to accept it."