Interested in College Soccer?

How FC Alliance gets you to the next level

“Over 200 college players since 2010.”  That phrase tells you all you need to know about one of the state's most successful youth soccer clubs.  In the aforementioned six year span, colleges and universities from across the United States have been snagging nearly entire rosters from graduating FC Alliance teams.  It has been occurring at an unprecedented rate for East Tennessee, and it isn’t just the top FC Alliance teams who have seen scores of players move on to the collegiate ranks.  The club will always tout the 96 Girls as one of the jewel classes: 31 of 32 players from two teams made it to college soccer.  Recently, the high-flying 99 Girls had a ridiculous list of visitors at a pair of their games in Ohio.  Over 50, in fact, including Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Memphis, and Cincinnati.

It begins with a list.  Players submit to FC Alliance staff schools they are interested in.  From there, coaches help each player identify a level in which they can compete at.  The list is whittled down to realistic possibilities and then the communication with the schools begins.  FC Alliance directors and coaches have excellent relationships- built on honesty and trust- with countless college coaches.  The schools will attend games, specifically league games and showcase tournaments, to evaluate the players interested in their program.  Often, they see multiple players who they come away interested in.  When interest is mutual, players will take official and unofficial visits to campus and meet with coaches.  FC Alliance staff remains a part of the process, offering guidance and assitance to both the player and the school.  In the end, the club encourages each player to make the decision 100% his or her own, but offers factors to consider: comfort level with the school, academics, scholarship amounts, and so forth.

As team placements (tryouts) approach, the club expects another crop of college-interested players to arrive.  Although the club highly encourages players to join the club as early as possible (entry at U8-U10 optimizes the chances to advance), any player at any age is welcome.  The club has some of the region’s top coaches on staff and can accommodate multiple teams in each age group.  Every team in the club is treated the same: there is a curriculum and development goals for all ages.  Club directors have become extremely hands-on over the last year, focusing on providing each team with the resources they need to advance.  Even the most experienced coaches are provided detailed expectations, exercises and drills, curriculum and guidance.   Not that they don’t get creative freedom, they do, but the club has a proven blueprint which ever player deserves a shot at. 

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