North Academy Rising to New Heights
Teams have gone from beginners to winners

The old adage of "you have to start somewhere" is never more true when it comes to FC Alliance's North Academy.  Started just a few years ago by Academy Director Darrick Lubell, it was once a collection of inexperienced players just looking to be competitive.  Often they were not.  However, with a lot of hard work by coaches and players, the North Academy today is stronger than many clubs across the state.  In a recent merger with local club North Stars, the academy is now called North Stars United.  It is led by site director Fikile Khali and site technical director Josh Van Pelt, and it has put the area on notice.

There have been a number of recent successes.  The 99 North Boys recently took finalist honors at the Secret City Invitational.  Led be seasoned coach Tim McMahan, the team knocked off historically solid clubs Cleveland Flames (7-1) and Lakeway Lightning (2-1) in the their drive to the championship game.  McMahan and Coach Jason French, anchored by Lubell, recently took the 99 North Girls to the Division 3 state championship game.  

Over 200 players are registered to the North Star United program.  The recent addition of Josh Van Pelt's program has provided a huge lift.  Van Pelt is the head coach of the Powell High School boys team.

For more information on the North Academy, contact Khali at fikile_khali@yahoo.co.uk.