FC Alliance Players Flood ODP Region Teams
10 of Tennessee's 38 regional level players from the club

The state’s Olympic Development Program is built on one main philosophy: survive and advance.  Players initially hope to make the state level pool, meaning they are selected from a large group of players spanning from Johnson City to Memphis.  After making a state team, the next step is to make the region pool.  This pool is selected from state teams from 13 different states, including powerhouses such as Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.  Making it to the region pool is extremely difficult; it generally signifies that you are potentially a major college prospect and a serious candidate for future success.  Recently, 10 players from FC Alliance received the news that they had been chosen for region teams.  

This is a significant amount from one club, as only 38 total players from Tennessee- spanning ten age group and gender combinations- earned that honor.   What is more impressive is that there are over 100 active youth soccer clubs in Tennessee, yet over 25% of those selected were from FC Alliance.

Those selected were: Fletcher Ekern and Seth Douthat (96 Boys Black); Bryce Deguria, Cameron Schneider,  Chris Fernandez and John Lucchesi (97 Boys Black); Molly Dwyer (96 Girls Black); Katelyn Cooley (97 Girls Black); Scott Lich (99 Boys Black); and Macy Lindsay (00 Girls Black).

See the complete list here: http://www.tnsoccer.org/assets/960/3/2013%20Region%20III%20Pool.pdf