00 Girls North Shut Down Atlanta
U13 team only allows one goal in title run

Defense wins championships.  This motto proved true for the 00 Girls North in their recent venture down to Atlanta’s GSA Adidas Invitational.  The stingy FC Alliance team refused to concede a goal in three of their four games.  Their suffocating, aggressive defending frustrated opponents from start to finish.  The total team effort culiminated with a championship to close out the tournament and the season.

As well as they played, things didn’t start off smoothly.  Despite bringing the Steel Curtain to the soccer fields, the 00 Girls North struggled to find success on the first day.  They tied Atlanta’s Ambush White 0-0 in an early morning chiller, before falling to a stout United FA team 1-0 later in the day.  Down but not out, the 00 Girls North roared back on Sunday, thrashing Cobb Strikers Blue 3-0.  The win sent them to the finals against the same United FA team they lost to a day earlier.  This time, the defense was tighter.  FC Alliance slugged their way to a 1-0 championship win.

The team is coached by Darrick Lubell, Jason French and Tim McMahon.