98 Boys Gold Brings Home Atlanta Title
FC Alliance team wins it all for departing coach

Coach Eddy Semaan entered the weekend of November 17-18 feeling a little down about his 98 Boys Gold.  After two years of hard work and a lot of progress, he was turning the team over to a new coach.  The United FA Fall Classic would be his last event with a group of boys he’d invested countless hours with.  Despite never having won a tournament, Semaan’s team delivered a going away present he’ll never forget: a championship.  

Playing in Atlanta isn’t an easy task.  Clubs like United FA draw players from a huge population of kids, and the teams they field are usually excellent.  In the final of the Fall Classic, the 98 Boys Gold came face-to-face with a seasoned United FA team.  Playing for their beloved coach, the FC Alliance team refused to back down.  In the end, they stunned the tournament field, knocking off United 1-0 off a brilliant cornerkick.

Although the glamour of the championship win is the memorable moment of the event, there were a number of positives which can’t be forgetten.  In the preliminary round, FC Alliance beat two NASA teams.  NASA is generally considered one of the Atlanta powerhouses.  The two wins were by a combined 7-1 score.  In their four tournament games, the team outscored all opponents by a 9-2 mark.