14 FC Alliance Players Make Region Pool
Six different teams represented on prestigious ODP list

Making your state ODP team is a great accomplishment; it means you are one of the best players in the state you play in.  Going one step further is making the region pool, meaning you are among the best players in one of the country’s four regions.  13 FC Alliance players have done just that; they’ve been awarded spots in the Region 3 ODP pool.  Another player, who resides in Kentucky but plays for FC Alliance, has made the Region 2 ODP pool.  This comes to no surprise considering the club’s success at high levels of play.  What is a surprise is that six different FC Alliance teams are represented, an extraordinarily high number.

"We’re very proud of these kids," said Josh Gray, an FC Alliance director.  "It’s extremely competitive in ODP, there are a lot of good players fighting for just a few spots.  It’s impressive they came out with their names on the list."

FC Alliance players in the Region 3 pool are:

95 Girls Black: Haven Leland

96 Boys Black: Avery Wang, Johnny Bracewell, Fletcher Ekern

97 Girls Black: Natasha Davenport, Katelyn Cooley

97 Boys: Chris Fernandez, Cameron Schneider, Grayson Garland

98 Boys Black: William Little III, Jon Creel, Alex Schupp, Lucas Neto

99 Boys Black: Scott Lich