Embracing the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause

02 Girls Division 1 team sports pink socks in October

Embracing the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause


Coach Eddy Semaan has a great group of soccer players, as his team is one of the most impressive in the club.  The Division 1 team displays excellent skill and an impressive enthusiasm for the game every time they compete.  However, they aren't beloved solely for their accomplishments on the field.  Off the field, their character is equally impressive.  Proof is found in their commitment to embrace Breast Cancer Awareness Month, continuing a tradition of wearing pink socks started by Coach Semaan two years ago.

"I like to do it every year, every October," Coach Semaan said.  "So we put it in our budget to buy pink socks."

The tradition began two years ago when his former team, the 00 Girls Red, ran in the charity event Buddy's Barbeque Race Against Cancer.  Team parent Sherry Whillock suggested the team wear pink socks in their games.  Coach Semaan embraced it and a tradition was born.  His new team, the 02 Girls TNSL 1, immediately bought in.  They've worn the socks this entire month and plan to do it again next October, too.

"We just want to support all the women who are struggling with this condition," the longtime coach stated. "Hopefully, the girls
will take this experience as they grow and continue to support this cause into college and adulthood.  Our team isn't all about sport.  We're also about life lessons and growing as human beings."