FC Alliance Codes of Conduct


All parents and coaches are expected to follow the FC Alliance Codes of Conduct and will behave in a professional and good sportsmanlike manner at all FC Alliance games, practices, and tournaments.  Anger towards opposing team coaches and players and referees will not be tolerated.  All questions concerning playing time and player performance should be directed to the players coach in a proper and non-confrontational manner at the appropriate time and place.  Violations of this rule may end in the dismissal of a player or member from their FC Alliance team.


1.           COACHES CONDUCT

The conduct and attitude of the coaches shall at all times reflect the highest moral and sporting standards. Coaches are reminded that they are role models for our players and establish the values and behavior of their teams. Further, coaches are expected to always exhibit professional conduct in their dealings with game officials, opposing teams and fans. Coaches are, in fact, responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and supporters at any time FC Alliance is being represented.

·         Coaches will at no time verbally or physically abuse players in their charge. Coaches will communicate in a positive and constructive manner at all times.

·         Coaches will refrain from the use of foul or abusive language at all times.

·         Coaches and other staff as appropriate, agree to undergo Continuous Professional Development as agreed with the Coaching Director.

·         Our coaches will undergo training in both first aid and child protection issues as required.

·         Our coaches must attend all training sessions and games unless specifically excused by the Director of Coaching.

·         Our coaches will maintain the quality of facilities and equipment, notifying any potential defect to the Director of Coaching immediately.

·         Our coaches will follow all procedures as may be implemented from time to time by F.C. Alliance Soccer Club.


2.           PLAYER CONDUCT

Players are expected to conduct themselves with honor and dignity. Players will be courteous and respectful to each other, parents, coaches, opposition players and parents, officials and any other third parties with whom they come into contact.  No foul or abusive language will be considered acceptable.  Players are to control their tempers and resist the temptation to retaliate. Players are also expected to be fair no matter the cost or the result. All players are to be generous in victory and graceful in defeat.  Lastly, players are expected to accept the decisions of your coach and the game officials. All players will follow FC Alliance rules regarding recruiting of players.

·         Players must be respectful of facilities and equipment using them only in the appropriate manner.  Each player has a responsibility to clean up any mess made after training or games.

·         Players should come prepared for all training sessions, games and tournament play.  Players must wear shin pads/guards during all training and games. Players should bring a bottle full of water or an appropriate fluid to all training sessions. Players must not wear jewelry during training or games.

·         Players should attend all training sessions and matches as directed and will notify their coach and Team Manager in advance, if they are going to be absent from training or matches.  Players who cannot attend regularly scheduled FC Alliance practice sessions are asked not to accept a position on a competitive team. 

·         Players who miss FC Alliance practice(s) without good and acceptable cause may be dropped from the roster. Players may also be dropped because of disciplinary problems. Dropping a player from a team must be approved by the Coaching Board and must comply with FC Alliance Policies and Procedures.


3.           PARENT CONDUCT

Parents and fans are responsible for their behavior; however, your coach will also suffer the consequences for your poor behavior. Parents and fans should never openly question the referee’s judgment and must never question their honesty. You must always remember that the opponents are necessary friends. Without them, your child could not participate. Therefore, you must treat the opponent’s coaches, players, parents and fans with respect. You are strongly encouraged to refrain from arguments with opposing coaches, players, parents and fans. FC Alliance is judged by your behavior as well as its coaches and players. All parents will follow FC Alliance rules regarding recruiting of players.

·         Parents/guardians are requested to liaise with team coach to ensure that their child’s soccer commitments do not have a detrimental effect on their school studies.

·         Parents/guardians are requested to ensure that their child has adequate provision with regard to clothing and fluids during training sessions.

·         Parents/guardians are requested to help ensure that their child arrives at training sessions/games at the appointed time, with the appropriate equipment and that any likely absence is notified to the child’s coach and team manager in advance.

·         Parents/guardians will endeavor to attend any event organized by the club from time to time for the purpose of information dissemination.

·         Parents/guardians are welcome to attend and observe at any club training session or game.

·         Parents/guardians undertake ‘NOT TO COACH’ the players at any time during training or matches.  However, positive encouragement is welcome.

·         Parents/guardians undertake not to openly criticize the match officials, players or coaches at any game or training session.

·         Parents/guardians are requested not to smoke or use tobacco products at club training and game venues.

·         Parents/guardians are requested to encourage their children to form good habits with regard to sleep, nutrition, flexibility and fluid replacement.

·         Parents/guardians agree to abide by the regulations of the club (including the payment of all club/team fees on time)and to encourage their children to do likewise.