Academy Park Transformation

Thank You Sponsors & Volunteers

On June 1st 2008, earthmoving machines loaned to FC Alliance for just the cost of the fuel to run the equipment rolled onto the property at what is now Academy Park (Hickory Creek) to transform what was then two lopsided fields with several large sink holes in the middle of them into what is today two game quality fields known as Academy Park!   During the last 24 months, the fields have been leveled, a sprinkler system installed, drainage added, parking expanded, lights repaired and re-lamped and netting has been run the entire length of the fields’ lake side border have been added!   

The list of volunteers and coaches who spent countless hours moving dirt, digging holes, laying sod, installing electrical wiring is long and distinguished…too long in fact to mention except to say that Terry Wright and Jerry Clothier donated massive amounts of time and effort to the project and led 100’s of others in the transformation of this facility. 

One note, while the County is very good to allow FC Alliance to use the land where our fields are located, all of the upkeep and improvements to that land is the responsibility of FC Alliance.  Our Directors take care of these facilities with the help of several volunteers.  It is a huge effort and one that helps keep membership fees down.  While many soccer clubs throughout Tennessee have large facilities provided to them completely cared for, FC Alliance does not…it takes a great deal of work. 


Congratulations FC Alliance!