No More "Carioca Shuffles!"

All right, here’s an arising problem with goalkeepers of all ages: The use of the "carioca shuffle" in some SAQ sessions and in general team warm-ups is leading to some keepers using this movement in the goal when a ’normal’ cross-over step is needed.  

Here’s an example of the "carioca shuffle" being executed in a speed ladder:          


When others are using this movement in an SAQ or warm-up, our goalkeepers should (quietly and respectfully) substitute a ’normal’ cross-over step. This means that the cross-over leg stays in front of the other leg with each cross-step.  This will make the movement more position specific. Don’t cause a big disturbance if the rest of your team is doing this in warm-ups!  Just execute your own cross-over step that you will use in game situations.