Team Fees

Team Fees are the required costs that are associated with operating each team.  These fees include tournament fees, coaches per diem, league fees, referee costs (game fee and assignor fees).  

Should teams opt to extend their season by starting early or going to a late tournament, they are responsible for notifying the club Treasurer so that additional Club Fees are assessed accurately and Coaches time allotted.  Teams are responisble for the costs to cover the Coach’s time for any practices and games that occer outside of the 16 week season.  FC Alliance will bill each team directly to cover these costs.  


Financial Aid

FC Alliance offers a Financial Aid Program to eligible players that can be applied towards a player’s Club Fees.  To apply for this program, please download the FC Alliance Financial Aid Application that can be found in our Download Center. Email completed application and supporting documentation to

Any players requesting financial aid for the Fall and/or Spring season must complete and submit the Financial Aid application by August 1 (NO EXCEPTIONS). All applications are reviewed discretely. Please note the Club has a limited budget set aside to accommodate these requests, funds will be awarded based on need and eligibility. 

Players will be notified via email whether or not they are eligible to receive aid from this program. Team Managers will also be notified of the amount in their team invoice.  Please note financial aid is only available for Club Fees.  All other expenses such as Team Fees and Tournament Fees as well as personal travel expenses will need to be paid in full by each family.

Tuition Assistance

Grocery Card & Scrip Programs

FC Alliance supports two tuition assistance programs that enable families to earn credits to pay for a players Club Fees and Team Fees.  The two separate programs are the Scrip Program and the Grocery Card Program.   

  • Scrip Program: Buy gift cards from multiple retailers and vendors to use like any other gift card you may purchase from that retailor/vendor. A varying percentage of the value of the gift card is given back to the player as a rebate for use in paying the player’s FC Alliance Club and Team Fees. The percentage value given back as a rebate depends on the vendor. Scrip orders can be placed at
  • Grocery Card ProgramGrocery cards can be purchased for Kroger’s and Food City in $50 and $100 values.  A five percent rebate is given the player’s manager to help pay for Club and Team fees. 

For more information on the Scrip or Grocery Card Program or on settting up your Scrip Account, please click on the links located in the left navigation of this page. 

Club Fees

The FC Alliance soccer year consists of two seasons; Spring and Fall.  Each season runs for 16 weeks. Our fall season runs from Aug 1st to Nov 30th and our spring season runs from Feb 1st to May 31st.  

To participate in our programs, prior to the beginning of the season, players must use our on-line registration system to register, select the programs they wish to participate in, and pay for their Club Fees.  Our Club Fees assume the cost to participate in one 16 week season of play.  

Club Fees cover player training, referee training, field maintenance and rentals, coaches pay and training and other operating and administrative costs. Club Fees do not include the cost of uniforms, gear, tournament fees and expenses, coaches per diem, or league and referee fees.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:  For the 2016-2017 soccer year, FC Alliance will be using its on-line registration and payment system to accept payment for all of our programs.